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Sep 06 2013

In a recent Minneapolis Star Tribune article, Minneapolis licensing officials said that they believed that Lyft drivers would need taxicab licenses in order to operate in the city. Minneapolis City Council Member Gary Schiff said “It’s a little dumbfounding to me that this start-up company has this business model that leads them to get into fights with cities all across the country … I don’t know what they’re thinking. It’s a very basic accepted piece of regulation for every city in the country to regulate driving services.”

But talk about mixed signals: MetroTransit, the government organization that operates regional transit services like buses and light rail for the same city and region has an official government-sanctioned carpooling program that simply suggests that participants “come to an understanding of how the costs will be shared and agree on a payment schedule.”

Lyft and MetroTransit’s carpooling program are literally the same thing, but MetroTransit doesn’t perform safety inspections, background checks, or driver’s license verifications, and Lyft does all of that and adds a whole lot of convenience, comfort, and simplicity.

Tony Webster » Cities: don’t be afraid of the sharing economy You know, that’s an excellent point. (via swirlspice)

My pink mustache arrived today. It would be cool if I could be in driver mode while at home in Minneapolis but - at least for now - I need to cross the river first.

(via swirlspice)

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