Deets After Dark

Oct 12 2012

Our notion of politics seems to imply that change is slow, consistent, and methodical. The return to the city, for example, will take decades. Little by little, people will start re-populating our sidewalks. With each new condo or streetcar, our urban centers will slowly come back to life.

Well, that’s not how the zombie apocalypse happens. Instead of a linear progression, the Zombie Apocalypse is exponential. It seems to happen all at once. One year there are a few dozen zombies, then a few hundred… Then there are thirty thousand, and you’ve completely changed the city.

That kind of change is exciting, especially for young people. I don’t want to wait thirty years for my city to have street life again. Change can happen faster than that. Like the cyclovia movement, or the Times Square redesign in New York City, the zombie pub crawl is a good example of how streets and cities can change suddenly, can leap full force into an unknown future.

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