Deets After Dark

Sep 25 2012

There are any number of reasons that this won’t appeal to you so let’s get some of them out of the way up front:

Nude (female) modeling
Driving through the southwest on the way to Southern California.
You might find your part boring.
This is my first digital SLR - all film till now.
Only have room for one (the car will be packed). It would be helpful if you would drive occasionally.
This is a voluntary trip - there is no employment, payment, or reimbursement other than the expenses that I specifically indicate that I’ll cover that are listed below.

Looking for an adventurous, sane, drama-free soul. I’m looking for a female model to take a 3 to 5 day road trip with me - an older male photographer. A partnership to create artistic nude photography at landmarks, points of interest, and a couple random indoor shoots through the southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, various national parks). I have some sites in mind but many will present themselves along the way. Out we’d jump for a quick shoot - “guerilla” photography. Your expenses would be covered - but by that I mean I’ll pay for the gas, cheap food(some fast, some cafe, some picked up), and we’ll share a room (not a bed) at a basic hotel/motel. NO IMPLIED, DESIRED, ACCEPTED, SEXUAL ACTIVITY OF ANY KIND (not anything having to do with me in any case!)

The focus will be the location and backdrops - 750 foot sand dunes at Sand Dune national park. Abandoned buildings and sites along Route 66. Buttes, plateaus, mesas (know the diff?) The nude will be secondary to the backdrop. Nothing cute or gimmicky. Many times simply standing and looking or staring towards the camera from a distance. Fairly stark. Mostly B&W.

I am more interested in attitude than physical perfection - or for that matter physique. From a compatibility standpoint if you are a little bit older that might help but it’s all good. The model must be fully comfortable with herself, her body, and display of same in shoots. I am not interested in implied, or hair across your nips or hands covering your vaj. If ya ain’t all in - don’t bother. Easy going, travel well, no drama - just create some art, see some sites, and have an enjoyable trip to Cali.

On the plus side:

See the USA! (3 - 5 day trip). The southwest is gorgeous!
I’m pleasant company, nice, respectful, harmless.
If you want to get to LA this could be a fun way to do so!
A whole bunch of shots for the portfolio.
I will give you $75 to defer the expense of a return air-ticket. Approximately half the cost of a return one-way ticket in order to defer that possible expense (that you would be responsible for should you plan to return).

My schedule is somewhat flexible. I would prefer to leave around the 2nd or 3rd of October (there is a really cool event on the 6th). If this might interest you, reply, tell me a little bit about yourself, what your schedule might allow, how to contact you. We would get together beforehand to establish a mutual comfort level.

Looking forward to making some art on “Nude 66”!

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