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Sep 05 2012
Charging for checked luggage doesn’t work. Because then we all bring carry-ons, and then the overhead storage fills up so your employees have to spend extra time making sure those carry-ons are transferred to the underside of the plane, so then your planes are late and basically everyone in that situation is less happy and your employees are thus less productive. Also, if you got rid of checked baggage fees, you would immediately be the BEST airline in the world, since customers generally can’t stand any of the American airline companies for reasons like $25 checked bag fee and ridiculous prices for food/drink. I mean, have you ever flown Emirates?! It’s like a spa day compared to you guys. Just do what they do. Don’t take advantage of us just because we HAVE to fly. Make us LIKE you.
— Getting high and mighty on my post-flight United Airlines survey.

USA airlines are pretty crappy for infrequent travelers, but really turn on the perks for peeps who travel at least once a month on them (although the good stuff doesn’t kick in without traveling twice a month). Travel agency sites should do a better job helping airlines sort through the fully loaded costs. That said, travel agency sites generally don’t have Southwest farws, where baggage is free.

(Source: monsterbeard)

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