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Aug 08 2012



Are the Olympics A Model for Creating Geniuses?

Everyone is obsessed with the Olympics right now, watching these geniuses push the boundaries of their field. Wait, did we say GENUISES? Yes! We normally associate the word “genius” with intellectual accomplishments, but athletes are geniuses at pushing their bodies to new heights, making the impossibly difficult seem easy and effortless. While it might not seem like it, genius of any kind requires financial and cultural support. In a world where athletes are developed and celebrated, more so than scientists or artists, it makes sense that we turn to the Olympics as a model for fostering genius. 

I’m really angry about how much I like this. PBS is using that brain-numbing Ray William Johnson style of YouTube programming to present actual ideas. They are sugar-coated with bad puns and lame jokes but dammit it gets the job done. Someone should adapt this style to college-level philosophy courses. Actually, they shouldn’t. Which is why they should. 

Please send help

It’s also the Renaissance period for fast foods. Any food in any color, any shape, in any flavor. Science is driving calorie-dense convenience.

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