Deets After Dark

Jun 14 2012
In order to have a good chance of keeping all this money, it must be characterized as a donation. If a refund, feds clearly get half. Can you work with Scott on redrafting? Also, I thought we were going to handle this through phone calls.
— There is some crazy stuff in the US House’s “Uncovering Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in the Medicaid Program" (PDF) report (the MN stuff starts at Page 9). The quote above comes from an email written by the former head of the MN DHS,┬áLucinda┬áJesson. The state had overpaid UCare for medical services by $18 million. UCare offered to refund the money. But, if they refunded it, the state would have to give a portion back to the feds. Instead, Jesson wanted UCare to "donate" the fed’s money to the state. Crafty. Especially the last sentence she emailed about talking off the record.
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