Deets After Dark

Dec 14 2011

After he put money into the savings accont from his job, Daniel Ganziano’s balance eventually fell to $4.85 and with such a small amount, he ignored it.

However, TCF sent him a letter on Oct. 12 informing him that it had charged him a $9.95 monthly maintenance fee six days earlier because the account had a low balance. That led to an overdrawn account by $5.10, which then led to a $28-a-day overdraft fee. The account was 10 cents over the $5 threshold for which the daily fee kicks in. Young Ganziano’s account was now overdrawn by $33.10.

Ganziano, who works in the nonprofit sector, and her son went to the bank that weekend to close his account, the Tribune reported. But they first had to pay the accumulated fees, which totaled $229.10.

TCF Bank. Fighter of debit card fee restrictions. Top donor to Michele Bachmann. And active redistributor of hundreds of dollars to their bottom line from a kid with $5.10 in their bank.

When U of MN students flash their TCF cards at Gopher games, do they understand who they are supporting?

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